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About us

Fludra offers comprehensive metal working services.

We have been present on the market since 1930. Over those decades we have acquired valuable experience, thanks to which nothing is impossible to us. Our current service portfolio includes: laser cutting, welding, plastic working, machining, powder coating, and much more.

We are a future-oriented, dynamically developing enterprise with a very rich history. The Company was founded by Jan Flurda who opened a blacksmith's workshop at Górki Street in 1930. It existed in its original location until 2006.

We apply an Integrated Management System (IMS) compliant with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, along with a welding quality management system in accordance with ISO 3834-2.

We carry out services based on technical documentation provided by our Customers or developed in-house. Due to the extensive portfolio, we guarantee comprehensive metal working services.

Our extremely rich industry experience and constant investments in cutting-edge technologies help us deliver top quality services to our Customers.

"Tradition of quality" - this is our motto!