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Steel Fitting Works

Steel fitting works include cold processes relating to metals, as well as some plastics, conducted using hand tools or simple machine tools.

Operations carried out in a steel fitting shop cover, among others: pre-treatment (e.g. pipe trimming), finishing (e.g. manual threading) and assembly proceeded by manual fitting of components. Therefore the role of the fitter is very important in a plant. Members of this profession are expected to constantly develop their qualifications, because modern fitting machines become more and more complex, requiring excellent knowledge of their working principles. Steel fitters must be comprehensively trained to effectively perform all operations within their scope of work.

Fitting shop is usually a designated space in the assembly area. A typical workstation comprises: workbench (fig. 1) and vice (fig. 2). Workbench surface is usually covered by a plate made of plastic or soft sheet metal.

Fig. 1 - Workbench

Fig. 2 - Vice types: a) leg type vice, b) parallel vice.

Steel Fitting Works