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Quality and Environmental Policy

Fludra was established in 1930. Since the very beginning, our strategy has focused on manufacturing top quality products in accordance with our Customers' needs and expectations. As a manufacturer of rehabilitation equipment, Fludra enjoys a good reputation both in Poland and abroad – mainly in Europe. We offer welding, laser cutting, machining, plastic working and powder coating services. Our goal is to be perceived – both by current and prospective Customers – as a reliable, punctual and highly competent Company with a long-year experience.

Our mission is to remain profitable while satisfying all Customers' needs and complying with health, safety and environmental standards. We want to become an unquestionable leader of our industry, meeting all Customers' needs much more effectively than any of our strongest competitors. Our Customers' satisfaction is an essential component of our Company's success.

We promise to:

  • Apply and improve an Integrated Management System compliant with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, along with a welding quality management system in accordance with ISO 3834-2.
  • Optimize our operating expenses.
  • Improve our staff's competencies by investing in their knowledge and development, as well as increase awareness of quality and environmental issues.
  • Give priority to innovative, eco-friendly technologies and manufacturing solutions.
  • Carefully select suppliers in order to ensure desired quality of raw materials and services.
  • Comply with legal regulations relating to product and environmental standards.
  • Respect the environment and aim to continuously improve its condition by preventing pollution.
  • Minimize our negative impact on the environment by rational waste management.

The basis of an effective integrated management system is the awareness of impact on the environment through the quality of offered products and services. Moreover, the IMS places a strong focus on proper response in the event of danger as well as safe behaviour in the workplace. Bearing this in mind, we promote such attitude among Fludra's employees and subcontractors.

The Company's management ensures qualified personnel, modern technology as well as material and financial resources – in brief, all the resources required for achieving the objectives of the Integrated Management System. The achievement of all objectives is also guaranteed by the involvement of Fludra's management and entire personnel in the implementation of IMS policy.

Marcin Fludra, President of the Board
Środa Wielkopolska, 15.05.2015